Value added service

In an ultra-modern complex with 58 looms on a new 8,000-square-meter site in the heart of the Dauphiné region, the industrial group has integrated all its activities: weaving and manufacturing combined with upstream creative services. By combining expertise and the latest technology, Les Tissages Perrin gives clients a start-to-finish, detail oriented service with added value.

Cutting edge technology and equipment mean that Les Tissages Perrin can fulfill all requests with the utmost flexibility and rapidity. Its looms, warping machines and computerized monitoring equipment can meet short deadlines for production as well as new product development.

The Research and Development Lab oversees color fastness, dimensional stability, durability and strength. The lab works constantly to improve performance and meet the expectations of its expert clientele. Every day in the workshops, one out of four people control quality.

The Design Studio, an excellent resource for ideas and suggestions, is ready to collaborate on collection plans, to perfect and adapt fabrics, or even to work on themes, designs and color palettes

The archives date back to the firm's beginning in 1929 and are an incomparable reference for inspiration and creativity for clients.