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Our values


QUALITY CONTROL : Since 1929, our fabrics are woven in our mill located in Le Grand-Lemps (France), conforming to exigent rules of continuous quality control, hygenic and safety regulations and workers’ qualifications. This ensures timely deliveries and excellence in quality. Every day in the workshops, one out of four people controls quality. All our equipment is technologically advanced and unmatched in our field due to constant investment.

The Research and Development Lab oversees color fastness, dimensional stability, durability and strength. The lab works constantly to improve performance and meet the expectations of its expert clientele. Our fabrics are tested in international laboratories depending on test requirements.

Our fabrics are checked on a continuous basis after weaving and after dyeing. Every roll of fabric is graded and documented. All steps of the production processes are recorded. This facilitates tracking of the fabric from the initial raw material to the final product.

THE QUALITY OF THE RAW MATERIALS : We have a long and successful  relationship with our yarn suppliers. The quality of their products, their consistency and their reliability to deliver the latest super yarns, ensures this continuous and harmonious working relationship.

A FOCUS ON THE WELL BEING : We are extremely conscious of our health and environmental responsabilities. Our commitment to our workers, our suppliers, our textile counterparts and the ultimate consumer is unsurpassed. We respect and outperform all rules and regulations aimed at improving our World.


Our fabrics are dyed in France and in Italy. The know-how of each dye house is used to achieve the perfect finish for our fabrics. All our dyers are certified and fully comply with the latest norms.



We were awarded the OEKO-TEX®STANDARD "100, CQ 1012/2 ou CQ 1012/3 (recycled), IFTH" label for our one and 2-way stretch fabrics in silk and nylon/polyester and the GOTS certification for our 100%silk fabrics. These certifications show our desire to improve our processes, work with reliable suppliers and be socially and environmentally responsible.



We select yarns and finishing processes based on the ultimate fabric. Our esteemed suppliers supply us with their most advanced technology. Our technologically rich fabrics are the result of a team effort.


We are regularly audited by our customers. This audit leads to needed improvements in our working relationships and produces the finest Tissages Perrin silk fabrics.