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Les Tissages Perrin, a major name in weaving, brings together a unique network of talents, techniques and technologies in the Rhône-Alpes region, the seat of the family business. The company promotes creativity and strives for excellence in all of its many markets, products and developments.

ACCESSORIES : With its long experience in silk weaving, the company has earned the recognition and respect of the most prestigious names in the sector.

READY-TO-WEAR : Numerous weaves and finishes combined with exceptionally subtle colors mean a vast range of possibilities for luxurious, well-structured collections.

LINGERIE : Les Tissages Perrin’s expertise is not just in top quality silks in different weights and elasticities, the company is also experienced in uniting materials and fibers, associating natural and man-made yarns, and in skillfully handling synthetics. Its vast, refined lingerie collection can satisfy the most complex and sophisticated specifications.

SWIMWEAR : Thanks to their jacquard looms which produce two-way stretch materials, Les Tissages Perrin is the ideal partner for the beachwear industry.

Using electronically controlled computerized looms, Les Tissages Perrin produces a wealth of quality, highly original designs in different hands, textures and colors. Collections include solids, prints, and one and twoway stretch fabrics. And silk is transformed into chiffons, satins, gauzes, crepes, taffetas, georgettes, twills, second skin fabrics and more.


In addition to exceptional skills in yarn preparation and in the highest quality weaving, Les Tissages Perrin offers a wide range of sophisticated materials - novelty yarns, lancés découpés, and chemical or mechanical finishings - to satisfy every request and match every inspiration.


Every day Les Tissages Perrin proves that high standards are the source of creativity, that modernity enhances tradition, and that history builds the future. France’s top silk weaving company is both visionary and rooted in its collaborators hi-Tech knowledge, culture and heritage, keeping it at the forefront of industrial innovations and making it unique in its field.


Cutting edge technology and equipment mean that Les Tissages Perrin can fulfill all requests with the utmost flexibility and rapidity. Its looms, warping machines and computerized monitoring equipment can meet short deadlines for production as well as new product development.


In 2012 the company’s ultra-modern site - inaugurated in 2009 - was again enlarged to house new weaving looms producing Jacquards, oneway stretch, two-way stretch and non-stretch bases. Les Tissages Perrin stands out from the crowd with their wide range of expert techniques and their position at the cusp of current techniques and trends.