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The Design Studio, an excellent resource for ideas and suggestions, is ready to collaborate on collection plans, to perfect and adapt fabrics, or even to work on themes, designs and color palettes. The in-house Design Studio is an exceptional asset and artistic partner in collaborating with clients on their projects, from the first ideas to manufacturing. Les Tissages Perrin works closely with ateliers and artistic directors from the luxury sectors, and with the department’s talents can satisfy all their requests, even the most unusual and demanding. The company approaches each challenge with enthusiasm and determination. Whether it’s creating a heavy, 100% silk twill with a wool look and hand, or lacquered effect fabrics that resemble leather, «We find the yarn, we weave it, and we take care of the finishing. We work with clients until they are completely satisfied.»


The archives date back to the firm’s beginning in 1929 and are an incomparable reference for inspiration and creativity for clients.


Thanks to their leadership role, one of the signature strengths of Les Tissages Perrin is also maintaining close ties with the most expert professionals in the fields of fabrics, yarns, dyes and finishings. These collaborations produce innovations and progress, with clients first in line to reap the rewards.